A little bit about me

Hi! I'm Sharon. I'm a 35 year old full time working mum to my five year old daughter and step mum to my partners eight year old son. More recently I've become a published author and I am also of course a mummy blogger!

I'm constantly surprised and inspired by my five year old daughter Ellie, amazed by our family and exhausted by life. I enjoy spending time with family and friends, reading and blogging.

I don't think of myself as what I would call a natural mum, but being a mum and the journey of becoming a mum (from pregnancy right through to today) has been amazing. Crucially, I am referring to both the good stuff and the challenging stuff! 

I'm constantly inspired to write things down and having joined the twitter and blogging community I'm loving sharing it with you. My promise is to always write with a great deal of honesty and pinch of humour - hence the title of my blog.

I can't sign off without at least mentioning my first ever book - The things they never tell you about becoming mum which is now out! I'm super proud, super excited and still pinching myself! 

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and if you have any questions or comments please do get in touch. There's a link on the side of this page so that you can follow or message me on twitter or of course leave a comment on this blog. I look forward to hearing from you. 



  1. I just bought your book and you're featuring in BritMums Newbie Tuesday tomorrow as my new inspiration. *Leaves before police are called* ;)

  2. Thanks Actually Mummy that's so amazing - it's been a very exciting start to the new year and your support is really fantastic. Can't wait to hear how you find the book!

  3. Hi,

    My name is John and I have a quick question about your blog! Could you please email me?

    Thank you,


    1. Hi John, Happy to answer any questions, but don't know your email address. Feel free to send it @sharonmsmyth on twitter or post your question on here.

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