Saturday, 27 October 2012

Wanting, Wearing, Loving, Eating

Bit of an unusual post for me but after reading @3_under_3's blog post 'Wanting, Wearing, Loving, Eating' (WWLE) I couldn't resist doing to my own version, so here's my WWLE...

This gorgeous dress from Jaeger is just lush for winter. This is definitely yummy mummy wear and with an unusually large number of school gate mummy moments coming up for me this week (six in total), I really wish I'd got this dress.

My Ugg boots are back. Yipeeee!

The fact that my four year old still loves Organix rice cakes as a treat and she shared them so nicely with my boyfriend's son on the day we all moved in together.

Asda ready to roll pizza dough – the kids LOVED doing this and ate the lot! Oh and I loved it too!

I’d love to know what you think of my WWLE's and why not share yours. Thanks again to @3_under_3 for the inspiration.

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