Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Party rhyme - celebrating as Ellie turns 5

My shock at how quickly time flies, I simply cannot hide
My baby has gone and now what I see, is a 5 year old girl who fills me with pride
And so on Sunday I watched my angel, all confident and filled with glee
As she played with her friends and ran around, no longer the shy child on my knee

Now we were just slightly early, as her birthday isn’t for another week
But Easter weekend won’t do for a party, so an alternative we simply had to seek
It’s not actually my birthday mummy Ellie would continuously stress
But as she saw the balloons, the cake and the fuss, she excitedly put on her new dress

Despite the snow and the mayhem caused, we got everything to the venue on time
With a flurry of work the room was prepared and it looked quite frankly just fine
And so with relief the party began and every one of Ellie’s guests arrived
As they came through the door Ellie ran to say hi and her face simply came alive

Ellie had asked for a party of craft, I mean create make and do
and so it was that all the guests had a go and went home with something new
Everyone had their own canvas painting, a sun catcher and a clay animal too
So busy they were that it has to be said, the time simply flew

So it’s fair to say that I genuinely think this was my favourite of Ellie’s parties so far
The reason for this is simply because of the smiles and giggles and laughs
But most of all, what topped it off was the cuddle and hug that I got
which came to me all packaged up with a thank you mum on top

Now it’s only right that I end this poem with just a little word to the wise
I’m not a mum who did it all myself and that shouldn't be a surprise
The cake came from Sainsbury’s the day before, the homemade cupcakes not suitable to eat
I hired some experts for create make and do and yet I was still rushed off my feet

So it’s thanks to the help from family and friends and a little bit of good luck
That when push came to shove it all went well and I didn't come unstuck
The key message to take from all of this is to make sure you have time
To stop and remember just what’s the point and watch your little one’s face shine.

Prose for Thought
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  1. This is lovely. Its so easy to get stressed about kids parties, and forget to enjoy what its all about. Fab poem, you should link next Thursday to #Prose4T over at @VicWelton

  2. Hi All At Sea - thanks so much for your comment and your pointing me toward #Prose4T - I will look out for it! Happy Easter.

  3. Lovely. Scary how quick 5 years goes

  4. A fab poem! How quickly time flies - glad it not being on the actual date didn't cause too many problems!!! :) xx

  5. What a fantastic poem, so well written with the meaning shining through beautifully. Thank you so much for linking up with PoCoLo - as Helen (All at Sea) said I run a poetry link too so would love it if you linked this up :) xx

  6. Thanks so much for the comments everyone - it's really good to know that it's being read and my poetry skills aren't too appalling!
    I'll definitely link up with the #Prose4T this Thursday too!